Monday, 7 January 2013

Sew Shell social sewing

Happy New Year to all the Sewshell Sewistas.I hope you are all refreshed after the break.I've had a bit of a rough time at the end of the year, with my father dying, and the subsequent grief and Mountain of paperwork, I haven't even begun to sort his belongings out, it is just too hard.Apart from all that, I have been looking for a hand project to keep me busy when I am watching the kid at sports. I've signed up for a Craftsy class. If you haven't seen this amazing site, head on over. You can take a class with some of your favorite quilt designers, learn a new technique or a whole new craft. You can do it when it fits in with you, no having to organise child care, work or anything else around it. You grab your computer/ notebook/ipad, log in and learn.I'm loving it :P


  1. Which class have you signed up for? I've got the crochet class and Sarah Fielke's. I'm enjoying watching them but I'm yet to produce anything!

  2. Snap! Sarah Fielke and Weeks Ringle. Loving them both. I've nearly finished the homework from Weeks Ringles class, and have decided on a hand project thanks to Sally and Sarah.